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Masni is our first Havanese. When she arrived we were very concerned about her,so much so that we didn't realize how much we had spoiled her by our love. We always let her get her own way.. She came with us everywhere. If there was somewhere where we were told that she couldn't go then we would not if she could not.  Usually people welcomed us everywhere we went because when they saw her she found a way straight to their hearts. She is a fantastically an intelligent dog, who always knows how to behave.

We entered in many shows.  Masni showed herself very nicely, so she had very good results fairly early. Because of this we decided that she could be taken to the World Show. We went to the Vienna World Show.  Masni was totally calm and I confident as I led her to the ring, but here she started finding something she didn't like. It was then our turn to go on the judging table ,  she was doing what she needed to do very nicely. The next thing  to be judged was movement. Masni decided that she was unwilling to take even one step.  I was left standing there not knowing what to do and she was just looking at me with those big black eyes of hers saying  "leave me alone". I will not take one step' and she didn't. From then on while we were there she was unwilling to walk, she only wanted to be carried.  Very proud of herself that she had again got her own way.  We couldn't be angry with her though,  just sympathy. After this, she repeated this 'joke' to us especially  when it would have been very important for her to win.

 After she achieved the title of 'Hungarian Champion'  we decided that if she disliked going to shows that much she shouldn't have to go. She is  a very good mother. She loves her babies and hardly ever moves away from them. We were looking forward to her first litter with great excitement and could never believe what a beautiful feeling it would be to see the puppies born. Waiting to see their eyes open and witness those first trials at standing up..... so very funny.

 In this first litter Charly was born. He is the most famous of Masni's off spring so far. Charly went to America when he was 1 year old. His litter brother,Hu. Jr. Champion lost in an auto accident fortunately left behind some quality Havanese both in America and Hungary.

Today he has several very famous offspring. Probably the most famous of these is Torza Rocket by Lejerdell, who is in Australia After becoming an American Champion. Being the first Havanese in the country. He can now proudly earned the title of "Australian Champion".

 Masni is now close to 7 years of age, her eyes are checked each year. There has been no sign of cataracts, and the best thing is that her offspring have had no reported problems either.

Peter and I are proud of our dogs. Extremely grateful for the friendships and support from the global Havanese community. What we are trying to do by giving and receiving good advice has given our efforts great pride from such a small country as Hungary. We take great pride in contributing to the future of quality Havanese.

A special thank you to Anja van Haarlem (A Maiden Effort), JerOme and Zsuzsanna Podell (Lejerdell/Zujero), Diane Klumb (Bydand) and Mia Laid (Silkydog) for their trust and friendship.

With their friendship and others, we will continue to work for healthy, quality Havanese from SALEMI Kennels.